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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Top Ten Reasons to Get Travel Insurance

Allianz Global Assistance Top 10 Reasons People Buy Travel Insurance   Allianz Global Assistance, a world leader in travel insurance and assistance services, offers many reasons to protect yourself and your family with travel insurance. We help travelers every year through unanticipated travel delays, bad weather, lost luggage and medical emergencies in foreign countries. Here…
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Perfetto Traveler April 2017 Vendor of the Month

  Tasteful Travel is an Art… And at Perfetto Traveler we have brought it to perfection. An elite destination-management company, we offer customized and elegant itineraries in Italy for the most discriminating travelers — from the moment of their arrival to their last arrivederci.   Awarded the 2016 Travel+Leisure A-List of top travel agents for its…
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Belmond and Agent Nora Winsberg Receive Glowing Reviews

To Belmond: Mr. Roeland Vos, Mr. Philippe Cassis, and Mr. Jack Mercer: Dear Gentlemen, In my many years of travel I have never written a letter like this but after an absolutely wonderful trip to Peru last month, I wanted to take the time to congratulate you on the excellent properties and service offered to…
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Clients Rave about Grand Cayman Ritz Carlton and Their Agent Alex Mikos

Dear Alex, Grand Cayman, well, it was just about as perfect a trip as we could have asked for! Adam said it was one of his all-time favorite trips.  It was so wonderful to spend time together, just the  four of us.  The Ritz Carlton was just beautiful and the staff was wonderful – the club…
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Happy Clients Send John Chaffin a Huge Thank You.

John, Once again you steered us in all the right directions with all the great suggestions and advice.  You were so right…no need for any “guided” group activity at all.  I  think someone who goes to the Big Island a lot told Tom about the group gig at Mauna Kae.  Just have to pick and…
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Seeing Life through their eyes….. Show them the world.

It’s never too late to share the world with your children or your grandchildren.  Give them the gift of a lifetime, give them culture, give them experience that can’t be taught in class or felt in a book.  Make memories…… MyLuxuryIs_ADS_ALL_Aug2016_REVISED_7