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Nora M. Winsberg

bio noraNora was born in Chicago and currently resides in the Lake Shore East neighborhood, across from Millennium Park, where she often attends summer concerts in the park.

Nora has recently retired from Merrill Lynch where she was a highly successful Senior Financial Advisor for 33 years. As a veteran financial planner, much of what Nora has done for her investment clients translates very well to the travel industry.  She is a planner by nature and by long years of practice.

She now specializes in designing custom luxury travel solutions with the specific goal of matching your travel plans to you. Just as your financial advisor’s ultimate goal is to provide a good return on your investments, your travel advisor should ensure you receive a good return on your time.

For her personal travel, Nora loves what she calls “Princess Adventure Experiences”.  She likes to go to beautiful natural settings but stay in luxury properties.  Nora has traveled to New Zealand, Italy, France, Greece, Tahiti, Hawaii, Alaska Costa Rica, Mexico, England, Holland, and throughout the Caribbean and the continental United States.  When not traveling, Nora reads about travel.  She also enjoys culture and the arts of all kinds-in particular, theater, musicals, and museums.  She is fond of good food, great wine and the natural world (without the bugs, of course), and funny people.   She loves and lives to plan her next trip(s).  Ask her where she is going next!

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