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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Philippines Islands, by Russ Wagenaar

PHILIPPINES TRIP REPORT MANILA/BORACAY ISLAND   While maybe not on too many “bucket lists” the Philippines consists of over 7000 islands and you are bound to find at least ONE that is enticing enough to recommend. This stay on the island of Boracay was a perfect getaway to somewhere exotic, exciting, relaxing and friendly.  The…
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Four Seasons Hong Kong & Bali, by Caroline Chandra

I have traveled several times to Hong Kong, I was happy to jump into this FAM trip as Hong Kong is one of my favorite destination to visit.  Many would agree, locals in particular, and experienced travelers in general, that Hong Kong is an amazing place to visit, though not necessarily to live in. Why?…
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Barcelona, by Russ Wagenaar

So this past weekend I was back on the AA 788 flight from ORD to BCN with the great flight crew that the previous purser from NRT to ORD had told me would be working this flight.  They did not disappoint.  Having snagged the last Business class seat at time of boarding was lucky for…
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Querido Properties Tour France & Italy

Oh, what a trip…starting in Provence with the most impeccable stay at Terre Blanche hosted by our amazing Rachel David! The first night we had a wonderful dinner in a local old Moulin converted into a restaurant that eased us into what was coming the day after, when we drove vintage cars around the east…
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