Space travel is now a reality…

Paul Klein Travel is one of the select few Virgin Galactic accredited space agents. Virgin Galactic is completing tests on the spaceships, modeled on the remarkable, history-making spaceship one, and suborbital launches are scheduled to begin soon. We can help you plan the groundbreaking opportunity to become one of the first ever non-professional astronauts to travel into space and experience zero gravity.

I was at the Scaled Composites factory in Mojave when they rolled out the WhiteNightTwo mothership Eve (named after Richard Branson’s mother) and also attended Virgin Galactic Enterprise (SpaceShipTwo) roll out of the hangar on Monday December 7th.  As you might guess, I am very passionate about this project on a professional and personal level. However, I also feel that this endeavor is something much larger than any of us. This is truly a “breakthrough moment”  in space travel that people will be talking about for years to come.

The WhiteKnightTwo mothership Eve WhiteKnightTwo has operated over 40 test flights and SpaceShipTwo SpaceShipTwo has flown over 25 test flights, rocket motor testing has been completed, and the first rocket powered tests have been successful.

The Spaceport in New Mexico has been completed and Virgin Galactic’s Headquarters and hangar facility are complete.  Commercial Space Travel is now imminent.

Virgin Galactic diagram

The Background

On December 7th, 2006, Virgin Galactic appointed Timothy J.  Krenzien CTC, ASA as one of only forty four travel agencies in North America to become an accredited space agent. This prestigious distinction allows Paul Klein Travel to sell voyages to space on Virgin Galactic. Tim Krenzien CTC, ASA has made a five year commitment to Virgin Galactic and has undergone an extensive training process that has included classes at the Kennedy Space Center, a weightless Zero-G parabolic flight, and meetings with Burt Rutan and his crew at the Scaled Composites aerospace development center where the spacecraft are being built.  Only ASAs are authorized to sell tickets on Virgin Galactic sub-orbital flights.

The Experience

Virgin Galactic’s sub-orbital space trips promise to be the most intense and wonderful experiences that passengers have ever had. Astronauts over past 45 years have all returned to earth struggling to convey the enormity of what they have discovered and with their perceptions clearly changed. To be able to extend that privilege to people from all walks of life has been a long held ambition at Virgin.  To date more than 600 tickets have been sold

Astronauts will spend 2 to 3 days training at the Virgin Galactic New Mexico Spaceport before embarking on their sub-orbital flight, although the first flights will depart from the Mojave Spaceport. You will fly in the Virgin Galactic Enterprise SpaceShipTwo (SS2) designed and built by Burt Rutan of Scaled Composites and based on SpaceShipOne which completed 3 sub-orbital flights and won the X Prize in 2004.

Virgin Galactic Enterprise will be carried by a revolutionary mothership called Virgin Galactic Eve WhiteKnightTwo. She will climb to a height of around 50,000 feet (approximate cruising altitude of Concorde) where SS2 will be released before firing her rockets and accelerating in a vertical climb reaching a speed of 3.3 mach. Shortly afterward SS2 will slow to allow you to enjoy zero g and continue to climb to a total altitude of 110km or 360,888 feet – that’s 10 kilometers or 33,000 feet into space! After enjoying some of the most spectacular views and sensations ever experienced by humankind, the wings of the spacecraft will feather to allow a safe re-entry at around 6 g’s. After re-entry the wings will re-configure to allow a gentle glide back to the spaceport. Upon your return to Earth, you will have earned your Astronaut Wings.

Pioneer Astronaut

  • US$250k full payment up front.
  • Join the community of over 600 future astronauts.
  • Exclusive access to Galactic events, milestones and trips.
  • Pioneer welcome and confirmation package.
  • Guarantee the price of $250k for your spaceflight.

Spaceship Charter

  • $1.25 million
  • An exclusive spaceflight for you and up to 5 friends
  • 6 seats for the price of 5
  • Charter welcome and confirmation package