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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Queen of Clubs – Vendor of the Month August 2018

  UK             FRANCE           ITALY                 IBIZA Queen of Clubs was launched in London July 2009 as a Lifestyle Luxury Concierge which trade with travel organizers only. Our mission is to bring you the latest in technology and innovation to achieve perfection in every area of the travel business providing the finest travel solutions…
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Italy + Girlfriends = Fabulous

Touring Italy with Friends   Great trip over the pond with BA in business, up in the bubble, as we like to call it.  Service and seats were fabulous.  It’s nice to look around the plane to see familiar faces and not just strangers, which is how it looks when you are traveling with 6…
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Argentina, Ewa Duranovic

Argentina – Wine Testing in Mendoza & Horseback Riding in Cordoba   Mendoza by Mai 10, a Virtuoso affiliated tour company, was our host for this portion of the trip.  During my three days in amazing Mendoza, I followed Mendoza’s wine-route, tasted the famed Argentina wines, indulged in the finest culinary, and experienced fun outdoor…
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Budapest/Vienna/Salzburg in the Spring, by John Chaffin

Budapest/Vienna/Salzburg in the Spring     I was invited by our Virtuoso long-time onsite, Panorama Tours, to tour Budapest/Vienna and Salzburg. Traveling on the American Airlines Dreamliner to Paris, I enjoyed my main cabin extra seat and appreciated the friendly attentive crew in economy. The flight was on time to Charles De Gaulle Airport and…
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