Paul Klein Travel Client Update

In the midst of all this uncertainty, we want all of you to know we are still here and still working every day, so we are prepared for the world to open its doors again. Of course, this does come with many challenges. Sadly, the travel/hospitality businesses have been hit the hardest and we are working endlessly on staying safe and making sure our clients are protected.

We have postponed our 75th Anniversary Celebration planned for June 2020 till next year, in order to give all of us time to heal and return to normal. We just finalized this amazing video, when the COVID-19 became a pandemic. We planned to air the below video during the celebration. Please enjoy this happier moment in our travel lives.

Click here to view:     75th Anniversary Video

Stay safe and keep your travel dreams alive, we will be here for you when the world has healed.

Paul Klein Travel