Exclusively China, entirely luxury, Imperial Tours creates handcrafted itineraries that are individually fashioned to match each guest’s unique traveling style. Our distinctive, creative and hands-on approach to luxury travel makes Imperial Tours unmatched in quality and service throughout China.


We are passionate about China, which is why we are constantly innovating bespoke experiences for our guests. Picture yourself dining al fresco on the Great Wall of China in a private guard tower after walking its walls with the man who championed its preservation. Or imagine yourself in the presence of the holiest statue in Tibetan Buddhism, after a one-on-one meditation with a monk. Retrace the solemn steps of Emperors through the Imperial Palace, gaining access to residential chambers not open to the public. Relax as you float on a bamboo raft downriver, meandering through magnificent limestone karst scenery, while local fisherman use their cormorants to catch fish. Now imagine all of this in one seamless travel experience with the best drivers, guides and experts escorting you through China. You will stay in only the best properties and dine at hand-selected restaurants, your menu designed specifically for your party’s tastes. This is a snapshot of what you will experience traveling with Imperial Tours.


Founded in 1999, Imperial Tours is a labour of love from husband and wife team Guy Rubin and Nancy Kim. The philosophy of Imperial Tours has always been to provide exceptional, innovative and meaningful bespoke travel experiences for each and every one of their guests. Each guest is welcomed and treated like family and provided with round the clock service from either a virtual concierge or from their own personal Western Chinese-speaking concierge, what we have termed a China Host. The innovative role of a China Host is one of the services that sets Imperial Tours apart from the rest. It can be hard to understand the benefits of a China Host before you experience traveling with one. After, it’s hard to imagine traveling without one. A China Host travels with guests acting as the cultural bridge between the familiar and the unknown, helping you to become fully enveloped in the rich history, culture and landscapes of China. Our highest level product, Ultimate China, includes a China Host throughout the tour. As one traveler noted: “There were many terrific aspects of the tour. In particular, the China Host – both as a concept and the specific individual – turned out to be much more important than we had anticipated. We would never have gotten as much out of China on our own as we did with Imperial” – Michael Hammer; voted by Time Magazine as one of the 25 most influential people in the U.S.

Both Guy and Nancy have made China their home for the past 20 years and have formed personal relationships with each restaurant and luxury property they use. In addition to their intimate knowledge of China, their experienced team of Itinerary Designers, all of whom speak Mandarin fluently, have been selected based on their intuitive ability to match guests with the perfect restaurants, accommodations and travel experiences. From playing table tennis with a former Olympic Gold Medalist to getting up close and personal with a panda to learning the art of Peking Duck preparation, we ensure that nothing is lost in translation. With Imperial Tours, you can expect cultural distances to dissipate as the exotic becomes familiar on your enthralling vacation.

Imperial Tours offers two quality levels for touring in China, Ultimate China and China Escapades. On an Ultimate China private tour, our guests receive unparalleled service, seamless travel and flawless logistics. This is a premium tour of uncompromised quality for clients seeking the ultimate vacation. From the moment guests arrive we take care of every aspect of their journey. The China Host is the secret ingredient to creating this first-rate experience handling everything from wake-up calls to spontaneous itinerary changes and on the go requests. Conceived as an all-inclusive product, our Ultimate China premier service comprises all luxury accommodation, breakfasts, lunches and most dinners. Indeed, food is an impressive aspect of the China experience; not only are the best restaurants selected but menus are custom designed for the trip so that guests will enjoy both restaurant specialties and regional highlights with western meals spaced throughout. Apart from the China Host, guests also enjoy hand selected experts, English-speaking guides and have unlimited use of cars and drivers, providing each client with the best white glove service.

China Escapades private tours offer the same high quality of constitutional elements but are based around the service of English-speaking Chinese guides in each destination (without the China Host). This tour is for those who seek the best available luxury constituents but want more independence in their travels. Guests are provided with a pre-programmed mobile phone to coordinate with guides and experts as well as to contact their Western, Chinese-speaking Virtual Concierge providing support when needed remotely from our offices in China. Dinners are not included, but our drivers and Virtual Concierge will liaise at guests’ requests providing them with transportation for the evening. No matter which service is chosen, each guest will receive impeccable attention-to-detail and high quality service with Imperial Tours.

Special Amenities


  1. For any tour bookings made between May 1st and July 31st, Imperial Tours will add a bottle of champagne to the guests’ Great Wall dining experience.
  2. All bookings over US$15,000, will benefit from a free upgrade to a white linen banquet on the Great Wall.