For more than 50 years, Lindblad Expeditions has been sailing to the most captivating places near and far in pursuit of discovery, bringing along adventurous travelers to share in the thrill of uncovering the world’s wild secrets. With every voyage we undertake, our core belief is reinforced: that our planet holds infinite potential—for new experiences, enhanced knowledge, and increased understanding of our role in protecting its trove of natural and cultural treasures.


This enduring quest for discovery drives us to find new ways to help you explore. It’s why we build ships that facilitate exploration with their cutting-edge technologies, design itineraries and assemble expedition teams that inspire, and chart courses that take you deeper into remote places to give you a richer picture of our world. Because when it comes to exploration, it’s not just what you see, but how you see it that matters.

When Lars-Eric Lindblad led expeditions to Antarctica in 1966 and the Galápagos in 1967, he made history as the first explorer to bring private citizens to these epic wildernesses. Regarded as the father of ecotourism, he saw travel as an incredible opportunity to expose people to the wonder of the world so that they might think differently about the planet and our role in protecting it.


Since 1979, Lars-Eric’s son, Sven-Olof Lindblad, has nurtured the family legacy, establishing today’s Lindblad Expeditions and expanding the transformative travel experiences his father conceived. Under his leadership, Lindblad Expeditions built the world’s most advanced fleet of expedition ships, pioneered voyages in places like Baja California and the High Arctic, and set the industry standards for responsible expedition travel.

The launch of our 2004 partnership with National Geographic marked a new era in our explorations. Together, Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic have built upon our shared legacy of discovery to provide guests with wholly unique experiences, including immersive programs for photographers, young explorers, and undersea enthusiasts, as well as incredible opportunities to explore alongside the National Geographic Experts who join select voyages.

To offer travelers more than 120 itineraries across all seven continents, we rely on our extraordinary fleet of expedition ships—the most advanced in the industry. These vessels are built small and nimble so you can venture deeper into remote places and quickly disembark to spend more time exploring. And, each is purposefully designed for your destination to connect you with your wild surroundings in a more meaningful way.

The expedition team that accompanies each voyage is made up of engaging explorers who are passionate about sharing their expert perspectives. Chosen for their knowledge of your destination and their ability to spot opportunities provided by the wilderness around us, these veteran guides are the key to ensuring you have an extraordinary experience on shore and on board.

Each of our vessels is designed to discover specific geographies and stocked with a curated collection of expedition tools to enhance your experience. With passenger capacities that never exceed 160 guests and efficient Zodiac-boarding systems refined over decades of discovery, our travelers spend less time queuing and more time exploring.

Lindblad’s fleet of expedition ships sailing to exciting destinations.

Lindblad Expeditions was founded on the belief that travel can be a transformative force for good—and now more than ever, we are intentional with our choices in the pursuit of planetary stewardship. Every decision we make is with the well-being of our shared world in mind, from the research and conservation projects we support through the Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic Fund to our carbon neutrality initiatives and the locally sourced food we serve at every meal. When you make the choice to travel with us, you are contributing to these efforts—and to tourism’s positive impact in helping safeguard our planet for future generations.

Making a Difference | Sustainability and Conservation Initiatives | Lindblad Expeditions


Families and Lindblad Expeditions.

Discover the wonders of the world together on a transformative small-ship adventure. A Lindblad-National Geographic expedition is a wonderful fit for all families—whether you are parents traveling with grade-schoolers or grandparents bringing the entire brood on a multigenerational celebration. With activities that combine learning and fun and a team of dynamic experts leading the way, every day is full of discoveries that awaken new passions no matter your age.


Kids and teens 18 and under can also participate in our exclusive National Geographic Global Explorers program, offered in Alaska, Galápagos, Baja California, and on Journey to Antarctica: The White Continent. Read more about this exclusive, hands-on program.

Solo Guests – Dedicated Solo cabins on all of our ships and solo pricing.

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with special solo savings. All of our voyages are thoughtfully developed to make solo travel easy and engaging—from open seating in the dining room to small exploration groups that inspire mingling.

Plus, on every ship you’ll join a welcoming community of guests and naturalists united by a passion for expedition travel. Book now to save on an incredible selection of voyages to Galápagos, Baja California, Central America, and beyond.

Plus Find a roommate and save

If you would like to share accommodations with another guest of the same gender, we will be happy to try to accommodate you. This program allows you to pay the per person double-occupancy rate whether we find a roommate to share with you. This is subject to availability, and limited to certain ships and categories.


Go ‘on assignment’ with National Geographic Photography Experts

Every expedition aboard National Geographic EnduranceNational Geographic ResolutionNational Geographic Explorer, and National Geographic Orion sails with a National Geographic Photography Expert as part of the expedition team. Sharing in the journey, they will offer tips at the deck rail, share engaging stories during presentations in the lounge, and with a little prodding over dinner or drinks in the lounge likely share amusing anecdotes of their time in the field. They are full participants in the expedition and engaging travel companions.

Learn from Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic certified photo instructors.

They have each been specially trained to assist you with your camera model and settings; the basic elements of framing, composition, and light; and to provide shooting tips in the field to ensure that you return home with fantastic photos.

Unlike a photography class or workshop, an expedition is a highly dynamic environment, where an incredible sighting can occur at any moment. So, the fact that your photo instructor is also a skilled naturalist is invaluable. He or she can help you better understand the wildlife, so you can be at the right place at the right time to capture amazing behavior—whether you’re shooting from the ship’s deck, a Zodiac or on a walk. Take an expedition with us, and you’ll not only have the experience of a lifetime, but you’ll also have the incredible shots to prove it.


Our Fleet

The Lindblad fleet is 17 expedition ships sailing to the planet’s wildest and most interesting places, with the luxury of comfort and outfitted with tools to explore.

Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic values the ability to reach the planet’s wildest and most remote places safely with top experts and the luxury of comfort while making community and insight the center of expedition life.

To achieve this, ships in the Lindblad fleet are designed by the people who will use them. The captains who will take them deep into the ice. The veteran expedition leader who designed Zodiac loading platforms to get guests off the ship and exploring twice as quickly. The undersea specialists and divemaster’s who dive and launch ROVs on your behalf to capture video in polar sites and outfit guests for exploring tropical coral reefs. The chefs who create incredible meals as the ship sails to remote regions far from replenishment. By the photographers and naturalists who lead Recap in the ships’ lounges. To Sven Lindblad himself, whose ‘Circle of Truth’ podium is at the center of the lounge and the heart of the expedition community.

Each ship in the Lindblad fleet is either purpose built to explore a region of the planet or leased on a basis of what they can add to the expedition experience. Just as a restaurant will design its kitchen based on a menu, the ship is tailored to exploring the planet’s most foreboding places in extreme comfort. Some are designed to navigate shallow rivers and deploy narrow skiffs to explore flooded forests. Others tailored to sailing along wild coasts and venturing into fast-moving, shallow channels where whales gather seasonally to feed. And yet others are made to go far into the planet’s polar regions in safety and comfort without resupplying fuel or provisions for weeks on end.

New in the Galapagos:

Lindblad Expeditions is thrilled to welcome the National Geographic Islander II to our fleet. Sleek and elegant, she sails year-round in the Galápagos Islands and elevate the guest experience to an entirely new level.


National Geographic Islander II is a gracious expedition vessel that feels like a private yacht. With only 26 staterooms and suites, and accommodating just 48 guests, she sails with a 1:1 guest-to-crew ratio.

Special features include teak decks, indoor-outdoor dining options, an impressive observation deck, and new amenities like a climate-controlled marina and a dedicated science hub.

National Geographic Islander II provides an authentic sense of place, drawing on our decades of partnering with local communities and conservation groups. Contributing to the fully immersive Ecuadorian experience on board are Ecuadorian staff and locally sourced and sustainable farm-to-table and ocean-to-table culinary ingredients, as well as artisan spa elements and handcrafted textiles, art, and décor all regionally created.



New and Noteworthy (

The above link will highlight new Food & Wine focused expeditions, our new Egypt programs and we have recently added Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.

Your passion for exploration is what drives us to design unique and innovative experiences that immerse you fully in your destination. In the upcoming travel seasons, we are delighted to offer an array of new expeditions in parts of the world we have never explored before, as well as additional departures of some of our most popular adventures. We are also welcoming an elegant tall ship and a sophisticated riverboat to the fleet, crafting new partnerships, and launching new special offers to help you connect more deeply and more often with our planet’s abundant wonders.

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