Virgin Gorda – Little Dix Bay


Although there are many changes to Little Dix Bay since its renovation and the management team of  Rosewood hotels, some of the best parts of Little Dix Bay have remained the same, which is the charming part of this perfect beach get-a-way.

First, let’s discuss the things that have not changed.

  1. The perfect pristine beach and its maintained reef with great snorkeling just off the beach. Truly the reason everyone returns.
  2. No TV’s in any room, still….. we love this as this is where you go to disconnect.
  3. No keys to any rooms. Never need one, and never go searching for a key in your beach bag or forget to bring your key with you, or your key stopped working, it all makes perfect sense. Super secure island, so keys are just not needed.
  4. Island time…… some of the employees that have been there well before Rosewood, still serve and practice the island time …….  I’ll get there when I get there, I’ll do it when I do it approach. You just go with it.
  5. The food is hit or miss, always has been, but the prices are steep, so the miss hurts a bit more.
  6. Poor signage, but it’s part of their charm. You just learn to explore till you find where you are going.
  7. Super low lighting at night to assist in star gazing which was amazing. Walking the beach at night is tricky, but you find your way.
  8. The Senses Spa is still one of my top 5 in the world. Incredibly laid out, and serene the service is some of the best we have had.  Pricey but worth it.  The view from every treatment room is the best part with French-style doors that are left open while your service is being done so you can hear the waves and smell the air.
  9. Hilltop yoga is, the best view on the island.
  10. Private Island picnic drop off.  There is nothing like having your own private island picnic.  Perfect for snorkeling in undiscovered areas with no one around.


  1. Rosewood now has butlers for every room, and they are on call 24 hours a day. Each room has two butlers that tag team to cover all your needs.  Every reservation, request for ice, spa appointments, any excursion, court times, taxis, arrival, and departure boats, and even a printed NY Times crossword puzzle at your table every morning at breakfast.  Super impressive and just amazing.  Our dynamic duo was Altamush and Javid.  They were outstanding.
  2. Somehow Rosewood has been able to hire outside of the BVI as it was restricted before. Their staff included people from all over the world including India, the Philippines, Dominican Republic, Japan, Mexico, and so many others.
  3. The Reef House, a new restaurant that became our favorite. They have always had two restaurants and the Rum Bar, the Pavilion, and Sugarmill.  Although Sugarmill was the most expensive it was also our biggest disappointment.
  4. Like the rest of America, they have added Pickle Ball courts. We played twice and the tennis facility and gym are very good and well run. The staff at the courts and gym were fabulous.
  5. They have their own farm now and you can walk through it and see all the herbs and vegetables they are growing and using in the restaurants. They also have a huge chicken coop, which is why their eggs were crazy good every day.  They have goats, turtles, rabbits, and Guinea pigs for the kids and adults to pet.  Mini petting zoo.
  6. Bikes are now available for all guests. We loved this feature as the walk can be very long from your room to restaurants, spas and tennis courts/gym.  The beach is always easy to get to, just walk out of your cottage, all are situated very close to the beach.

Overall, we can tell you once you experience Little Dix Bay, it will be a place that stays in your heart and soul and you will go back over and over again.

Spa Pool

Rum Bar with my man

Reef House


Private Beach Picnic