LUXE by EXO endeavors to evolve luxury travel in Asia, redefining and uncovering the region’s most exclusive experiences.

Backed by EXO Travel Group’s 25 years of experience in Asia, LUXE by EXO was created for the sole purpose of bringing refined, specialized travel encounters to life.


Ten Enchanting  Destinations

  • 7 Virtuoso On-Sites  : Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Japan, China

LUXE by EXO comprises talented teams of travel professionals, each highly trained and experienced in the luxury sector.

Our teams include dedicated Travel Consultants, Tour ‘Hosts’ and Operations Executives based in each of the 10 destinations we’re located, each team integral to delivering the excellence our guests expect.



Krabey Island – Shinta Mani Wild  – Siem Reap

12 Days

Ancient Temples of Angkor Wat

Discover the ancient temples of Angkor Wat with a special touch through an interactive experience and at special hours to beat the crowds.

Luxurious safari-style tent stay

Escape to the magnificent natural surroundings of Shinta Mani Wild and support the conservation and efforts in working with local communities at the same time.

Enjoy leisurely days on Krabey Island

Relax on the pristine Krabey Island and spend leisurely days by the beach or take part in optional activities to discover surrounding islands and marine life.





Travel Trends. What’s hot for 2020 in Japan?


Japan Whisky Adventure

TOKYO Olympics

Sushi Connoisseur Experience



Evening  Experience

Join a whisky expert and experience a range of rare, premium whiskies from lesser known brands. Starting in a hidden gem bar in downtown Tokyo, and then moving on to the next establishment – aficionados and novices alike are sure to enjoy a wonderful evening and a true journey of discovery of the senses.




Allotments secured for the Olympic period at selected 3, 4 and 5 star hotels in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.

Generally, these allotments are valid Jul 10th – Aug 23rd.


We have secured daily allotments with confirmed rates for  our popular Tokyo Street Food Tour (both shared and private basis) and Cool Tokyo Cycling Tour (both shared and private basis).


Each country has its own official ticket retailer (list on the official website). We would therefore recommend either you,  or your guests to procure tickets through the official channels.




3-hour Experience


Sushi in its modern form is quite possibly Japan’s most famous export and most recognizable dish. Sushi comes in a surprising number of shapes and sizes, and the industry is constantly finding a balance between tradition and innovation in Japan.

The restaurant normally only opens for customers in the evening hours but it is available for a private and exclusive high-end sushi lunch..


  • The LUXE by EXO Department: Our dedicated luxury Travel Consultants, in each of our destinations only manage luxury, therefore their knowledge allow, overall, a seamless experience for your clients.
  • Best Guides in Country : vigorous selection and rating system for our Luxury guides ensuring that takes your clients beyond the standard.
  • Strongest Commercial Offering : due to the buying power of EXO Travel Group – ensuring not only the richest of experience but also competitive value for your clients
  • Product Teams: in each of our destinations, our produce teams not only constantly create and refine our tour and experiences portfolio, from contemporary culture to ancient tradition, they’re also conducting training sessions on a regular basis, in order to strengthen knowledge and expertise of our Travel Consultations.
  • Sustainable and Responsible Travel : We look to engage with local communities and realise that our mutual guests are keen to ensure that all the travel in a respectful and sustainable way.
  • Agent Support: Along with the 25 fully-owned operation offices across Asia, EXO Travel is also one of the few companies to provide agents with local sales and marketing assistance in the U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, Spain, Italy, Benalux, Asia as well as Central and South America.


What’s trending in the region ?

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