Rawah Ranch is a slice of paradise located within a secluded valley in the beautiful woodlands of Colorado. Named for the rugged and majestic snow-capped mountains that rise above it and the untouched wilderness that surrounds it, far from the noise and bustle of cities, the historic Rawah Ranch offers respite from the toils of daily life in one of the most scenic and unspoiled locations in North America.

The aim of Rawah Ranch is to provide an all-inclusive authentic western guest ranch experience with luxury comfort, offering up both activities to allow guests to enjoy the beautiful landscape before returning to gourmet meals cooked in-house. Knowledgeable wranglers are on hand to teach new skills and hobbies to those looking to make the most of their time outdoors.

Experience spectacular fly fishing on the sparkling Laramie River that can be seen from many of the cabins, and try your hand at catching the Arctic Grayling native to our waters – a bucket list fish for many anglers and only found in a few select places in the continental US. Empower your inner cowboy on back-country horseback rides, cookouts under the stars, sing-alongs and square dancing. Spend an evening enjoying our clear skies with guided stargazing, far from the light pollution of most towns. Hike through untouched high alpine meadows and along mountaintop ridgelines, observe the abundant wildlife or take a restful evening to relax on the porch. Rawah Ranch’s all-inclusive vacations cover Best-of-the-West activities and amenities, gourmet cuisine, luxurious cabin lodging, and memories that last a lifetime.

With nine beautiful mountain cabins on-site, spread out so each gets a view of the river or the woodlands, guests get to enjoy space to themselves. Each of our cabins are unique in character and has their own distinct personality. Our cabins are situated near everything a guest could want, from the main lodge to the stable of our horses to the beautiful Laramie River, offering both convenience and privacy. Every western-style cabin is well appointed with wonderful linens and tasteful décor, and all are outfitted with their own private ensuite. Each cabin also comes equipped with a wood-burning fireplace so you can prop your feet up in comfort after a long day, and all are serviced daily by our housekeeping staff to keep things fresh and tidy during the stay. All you need to do is enjoy the view!

At Rawah Ranch, you choose how to fill the hours. Perhaps one morning will be spent getting up early to welcome the dawn of a new day on the porch of your cabin, watching the light fill our high mountain valley, or maybe instead you’d to hike through the aspen groves, exploring with your family. Or maybe it’s time to saddle up some horses and spend the day riding through untouched and unspoiled mountain woods and fields, and pick up a fishing rod to be taught by an experienced angler along the riverbank in the afternoon. Whatever the choice, you can’t go wrong. Let us welcome you home to Rawah this summer.

Fly fishing lessons – Riding lessons – Story telling – Music – Square dancing – Cookouts – Biking – Hiking