With over 50 years in snow business, Ski.com is proud to serve as the authority on mountain-specific vacation packages in North America. Our relationships throughout the travel industry run deep, and our Mountain Travel Experts are dedicated to delivering the best vacation experiences possible. From flights to lodging and equipment rentals to ground transportation, Ski.com offers travelers peace of mind with comprehensive trip planning services. If anything does happen en route, a Mountain Travel Expert will be standing by, ready to help.


Established in Aspen, Colorado in 1971 as S&L Travel Partners, Ski.com has since grown to become the leader in ski travel with access to more than 120 of the world’s most popular ski resort destinations.


credit Aspen Snowmass


In 1971, Barry Lefkowitz and Skip Strasbourger started S&L Travel Partners in Aspen, Colorado. According to legend, Barry and Skip began their business out of a two-bedroom hotel suite in the Continental Inn, where they used a makeshift pinboard map of North America to keep track of clients’ travel plans.

After quickly gaining ground as a leader in the burgeoning ski travel industry, the two savvy ski-town entrepreneurs changed the brand name to Aspen Ski Tours in 1974, which would remain the company title for the next two-plus decades. Then in 1999, after purchasing the highly sought-after domain name, Ski.com, Aspen Ski Tours assumed a technology-focused, 21st century brand identity to better showcase its diverse product offerings.

credit aspen snowmass

credit aspen snowmass

In September 2004, Ski.com acquired Lynx Vacations, GoWest Tours, Adventures on Skis, Sportours, and AnyMountain Tours in order to expand its domestic operations and to provide international and group travel. In June of 2010, Ski.com acquired Rocky Mountain Tours to further solidify its position as the leader in the industry. 2021 marks the 50th anniversary since Skip and Barry founded S&L Travel Partners and to this day, our Mountain Travel Experts remain deeply committed to passing along unforgettable mountain experiences to all of our beloved customers.


At Ski.com, the staff lives and breathes ski culture. Our more than 65 Mountain Travel Experts are ski and snowboard enthusiasts who average 28 years of experience in the ski industry. They know the intimate details about each resort because they’ve skied the mountains, stayed at the properties and eaten at the restaurants.

These experiences allow them to accurately determine which resort(s) and accommodation(s) is perfect for each customer, based on their interests and budget.


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