This is a country that we want to present to you … a trip to the unknown Portugal that will surprise you when you are ready to discover it. What are we talking about? Paths to walk, people to greet in the street, places that stopped in time, in our 900km of shore, of water, of fish, of history which translates into who we are – a rectangle on the shore of the Ocean. If we love it? Yes! A lot! This is the country that we invite you to discover … without hurries … because, those, should stay home.

We will open the door of our country as a person who invites you to dine in the family house. You will feel at ease in this country. Whether you have a lot of time or a short one, there are places that you have to discover, be it in one, two or three trips … what matters is that we will always wait for you with the same joy as the first time.

Arrive through Lisbon, the capital of this country. The light of this city, the river that decorates it, the blue, and the strong colors will make you fall in love and leave a smile on your face! Walk through the city, or take a ride on a charming sailboat that will show you this city from the river. Take the tram, go up and down each alley where only the tram strategically passes … it’s yellow, the 28 is no mistake. Do you hear it? It’s the Fado that you willl start to hear at night in the more traditional neighborhoods like Alfama or Bairro Alto… sit at a table, listen to the music – Fado… it’s a tradition, it’s a word that cannot be translated, you can even not understand a word they sing but it will be an emotion and you will surely feel it! Drink a Portuguese wine and enjoy! But do not leave Lisbon without tasting the sweet Pastéis de Belém. It will be worth waiting for a bite… In the end, you will understand why there are traditions that we do not want to lose.

Because not only a city makes a country, there is more to see… Porto! The charm of Porto, in the North! It has character, it has dark colors, it has white and blue tiles, it has the strength of a city that was not affected by modernity! These are a few reasons we know will make you love it, for the traditional trade that is offered that has not just been done, but was always there with its loyal customers who have been waiting; walk through this city with its English and French influences … walk down Rua das Flores, down Rua de Santa Catarina. Stop at one of the many wine cellars, and do not forget, you are in the city that offers its name to one of the best-known wines in the World – Port! Follow the paths of the Douro, the river that beautifies the city and that is filled with the Rabelo Ships, the ancient ships that transported this nectar of the gods. But Porto will offer you Modernity as well, in the Serralves Foundation or Casa da Música. This is also a city of lines, of strokes, this is the house of great Portuguese Architects.

And there is so much more to see, the North made of memories of the origins of our country, with more than 900 years of history where the noble houses invite us to a meal, but also to the stories of their conquests. Going down to the south we reach our beloved Alentejo, a land that says so much without saying anything, a land made of yellows that warm our souls. Here, the meals, the oils, the bread, the wines, leave us flavors, textures, combinations that make us always want to return to this place. Pure! A little further south we reach the Ocean and the Algarve which offers it green colors for its numerous golf courses, but more than anything its white sandy beaches and it’s the Atlantic Ocean which will attract you!

Receive these words as an invitation and not as a description … there are things that do not fit in words no matter how beautiful they may be. So, with them, accept and come to discover this country that looks huge despite its small size. We, at Tours For You, wait for you with the most original and diversified travel solutions available in Portugal (from the most charming and special interest guided tours to a complete offer of excellent self-drive tours packages, designed for independent travelers)!