With a prudent understanding of our clients’ wishes, professional experience and knowledge not only in travel, but also research, hotel and hospitality management, services and consulting, The Travel Designer is equipped and dedicated to creating and planning your trip of a lifetime – every time.



We operate the entire Nordic region, including spectacular destinations such as Iceland, Norway, Svalbard, Lapland, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Sweden, Finland and Greenland.

Kayaking Dalsfjord Norway photo credit Thomas Eckhoff


We are a full-service company and we have in-depth knowledge of our destinations. Our expertise, exclusive deals, and extensive travel experience set us apart from other travel companies. We personally visit all locations, we try out all activities before sending our guests there, and we work very closely with local service providers. We always aim to meet with our guests personally during their stay, and upon request, we will also travel with our guests as their personal host.

The travel packages we prepare are extensive and include maps, guide booklets, travel tips, country info, driving directions for self-drives, and more. We provide you with our personal cell phone numbers for 24/7 assistance, for anything from simple restaurant reservations or misplaced train tickets to travel assistance and absolute emergencies. Behind the scenes, while our guests are travelling, we call our suppliers on a regular basis to find out how everything is going.

Wolves at Wolf Lodge, Northern Norway



Every trip comes with an element of surprise from the big to the small. It could be a bottle of sparkling wine waiting in the hotel room on someone’s anniversary, a private recital with a top-notch Scandinavian musician, or even a meeting with a long-lost Scandinavian relative.

Villa Åmot Sunnfjord Norway photo credit Thomas Eckhoff



Motivated by intimate knowledge of and affection for the Nordic region, we invite travelers to experience our private journeys comfortably devoid of travel gimmicks. To us, authenticity is luxury. Blissfully released from mass tourism our guests will enjoy and marvel at some of the most impressive natural phenomenon the world has on offer.

Hiking Sunnfjord Norway photo credit Thomas Eckhoff


Special Amenities for Paul Klein Travel Clients

Complementary transfer on arrival to your clients’ first destination in the Nordic region.