As the world reopens, our well-connected advisors can save you not only money but time; and can help you navigate the strange new world of airlines, cruising, hotels, and ground transportation. Travel is radically and almost unrecognizably different after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Travel Advisors can handle emergencies that may arise when you are traveling. But remember, an online travel agency is not the same as a travel agent.  “Try dealing with an online travel site at 10 p.m. when your connecting flight gets canceled while you are in flight,” says consumer expert Chip Bell. “Travel sites are filled with data and information; travel agents are filled with wisdom and ingenuity.”

When travel restrictions were just starting around the globe, and borders began to close, our advisors were working diligently with our clients to reschedule and issue new tickets for flights home.  We received numerous emails and phone calls from their friends and traveling companions who had purchased tickets with an Online Travel Agency and were unable to reschedule with the online travel agency.

Our Travel Advisors can offer the following when planning or purchasing a post-pandemic trip:

  1. Prepare you for the new travel experience; from the ground to air to sea.
  2. Provide in-depth knowledge on the countries you plan on visiting.
  3. Provide arrangements via reputable and reliable travel companies.
  4. Provide details on navigating the rules of travel.  Visas, travel restrictions, travel etiquette, and insider knowledge.
  5. Be available to you 24/7
  6. Leverage our local contacts to enhance your experience and be available “in-country” in the event of emergency.
  7. Be your advocate

The world is not going to open up all at once.  Our Travel Advisors spend significant time researching, becoming experts and developing insider relationships on specific destinations. This detailed knowledge of countries, cities, processes, and personal relationships is extremely important for travelers while restrictions are still in place.

Our travel products are thoroughly vetted and we assure the products and services we are recommending are top quality.  Our affiliation with Virtuoso adds another layer of scrutiny as the path to becoming a Virtuoso approved supplier is very stringent. Our travelers are assured that we are offering only the best of the best.

Our Travel Advisors are there when needed. Even the most intrepid travelers may be worried about taking their next trip. An experienced Travel Advisor offers sound advice on destinations, travel requirements, quarantine measures in place, and safety.   We also know which vendors have been reliable and fair with offering refunds; and those who have not offered cash refunds and pushed future credits.

We help you navigate the rules of travel.  And that includes some of the more arcane rules and restrictions on your airline ticket or hotel reservation. “I’ve been asked questions on insurance, cancellation, and refund policies more than ever,” says Andrea Norfolk, owner of Shoreline Destinations. “Insurance and cancellation policies used to be an afterthought for many travelers. Our clients have shifted their focus from the bottom line cost of a trip to ensuring they are protected if they need to cancel or change their trip dates.” A competent travel adviser is an expert on the rules and can help you navigate the ins and outs of post-coronavirus travel.

We are your advocates 24/7.  Whether it’s a flight cancellation, a problem at a hotel, or unexpected illness; a Travel Advisor assesses the situation and finds a solution.  Invaluable pre, during and post-travel in today’s uncertain world

Our Travel Advisors have personal relationships worldwide and we make sure our clients receive the best rooms and their personal requests are accommodated.   Advisors can work often workaround cancellation policies to get a refund if your plans change, room upgrades, and special amenities.

Comfort and peace of mind are forefronts and we are monitoring your travel arrangements constantly.  When traveling with one of our overseas agents, we receive daily reports and our travelers have 24 x 7 contact “in-country” in the event of a need for assistance or emergency.