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Monthly Archives: June 2019

Albion Voyages – Partner of the Month – July 2019

  With insider connections, vast local knowledge and cosmopolitan savoir-faire, owners of Albion Voyages, Adrienne O’Donoghue Sion and her husband Edouard, provide travelers with a truly unique perspective of Europe – “Opening Doors in Normandy & Brittany”               Specializing in customized itineraries to Normandy and Brittany since 1995, this…
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Captain, Kevin Loughlin – Living his DreAAm.

I knew I wanted to be a pilot when I was eight years old flying on a British Airways 747 from Philadelphia-Boston-London. Somewhere over Ireland the Stewardess (yes, that was the title then), brought me up the spiral staircase, through the piano bar, and into the cockpit where I sat on the captain’s lap. He…
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Tours For Your – Partner of the Month – August 2019

Portugal This is a country that we want to present to you … a trip to the unknown Portugal that will surprise you when you are ready to discover it. What are we talking about? Paths to walk, people to greet in the street, places that stopped in time, in our 900km of shore, of…
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Istanbul & Maldives by Russ Wagenaar

Turkish Delight & And a slice of Paradise Turkish Airlines & Shangri-La Hotels   To say this was a unique and interesting combination is an understatement.  Pairing the exotic bustling streets of Istanbul with an ultimate secluded paradise resort in the Maldives was a great idea brought to fruitionby Corporate Sales & Marketing for Turkish…
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Bhutan by Jen Murphy with comments by Timothy Krenzien

Bhutan This sleeping beauty is emerging as a must-see destination for soul-searching experiences. Here’s why a visit will change you. BY JEN MURPHY — Spring 2019 ven before I step foot in the tiny Himalayan kingdom, Bhutan takes my breath away. The sole international airport sits in a serpentine river valley in Paro surrounded by towering 18,000-foot peaks. So perilous…
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