SHA Wellness Clinic, L’Albir, Spain

Querido is a collection of the finest family-owned hotels, launched in 2012 by Carlos Quereda with the support of some of the most prestigious hotel owners in Europe. The portfolio currently includes 18 hotels and 2 yachts from five different European countries, with offices in New York City, Vancouver, and London. “Querido” means you are cherished and precious, which represents the spirit of the entire hotel portfolio. Though each property is amazingly unique, they are all the embodiment of local hospitality, offering unparalleled amenities and services with genuine warmth and spirit, creating incredible synergy between the properties and destinations.


Palazzo Avino
Ravello, Italy, Amalfi Coast


Though each property is individually owned, the collaborative spirit between the collection create perfect opportunities to combine numerous Querido properties into an unforgettable trip – whether that is traveling in Italy with a culinary focus, a family trip touring famed European landmarks, or singularly focused on health and wellness, the portfolio has endless options for authentic experiences.

Terre Blanche, Tourrettes, France

Querido works closely with the owning families and talented professionals on property, serving as a direct extension of the hotel ensuring that all guests receive incredibly personalized service, especially Paul Klein Travel guests. Over a decade of friendship, Paul Klein Travel team members have visited the entire Querido portfolio of hotels – they are true experts on the portfolio, personally know the hotel owners and all of the must-do activities in each destination.


De L’Europe, Amsterdam



-Virtuoso amenities at each property

  • Upgrade on arrival, subject to availability
  • Breakfast for two daily
  • $100 USD equivalent Food & Beverage credit to be utilized during stay
  • Early Check-in/ Late Check-out, subject to availability
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi

-Personalized amenity for Paul Klein Travel guests – whether it is a special cocktail at check-in or a special activity on property we will ensure that you have a very memorable stay!


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